A trip to Sicily

Planeta wines come from five areas for a journey through Sicily’s excellence from west to east

7 wineries, 5 vineyard areas, a single vision

From 1985 until a few years ago, the company expanded by replicating the Menfi model in four other very different areas of Sicily, where the particularities of each site could be brought out through wine production and hospitality. From Menfi to Vittoria, up to Noto, then on Mount Etna and finally to Capo Milazzo, through research into native grape varieties and international ones, the Planeta family has succeeded in enhancing local wine traditions by giving them an international breadth. It all started with Menfi’s Chardonnay, which opened the company’s doors to the world, up to other wines that were almost unknown until a few years ago and now represent Sicily well beyond its borders.

A long history of innovation

For no less than five centuries, and through 17 generations dedicated to farming, the Planeta family has been engaged in winemaking with a mind always open to innovation.
Driven by a boundless love for Sicily, the Planeta family has introduced new ways of winemaking to Sicily, and its fundamental role in the island’s growth is universally acknowledged. Recognition goes in particular to Diego Planeta and his father, Vito, who relaunched viticulture in Menfi after World War II. This is the legacy taken up by Alessio, Francesca, Santi and the rest of the family.

The aim is to represent the essence of Sicily: an excellent wine land, where, through Planeta winegrowing and hospitality places, you can discover the different identities of the land, kept intact by the company, albeit with the introduction of innovative and far-sighted methods of production and promotion of the territory. Everything is done with respect for the landscape, the environment and local communities.

The great wine land

Thanks to the journey undertaken by Planeta, you can get to know the main and most suitable wine-growing areas of the whole of Sicily, from west to east. By enhancing the characteristics of the places – Menfi, Vittoria, Noto, Etna and Capo Milazzo – so different in landscape, culture, history and temperament of the people, you can perfectly capture the essence of Sicily: an actual continent, a varied mosaic of climates, landscapes, history and culture, as well as, of course, wines.

Planeta’s places

From hospitality to visits to the winery to trekking and relaxation on the beach, with Planeta, you can experience the excitement of an authentic Grand Tour of Sicily through nature, culture, and history, as well as through good food and wine.

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