Training is at the core of ISWA’s mission. For this very reason, we actively support companies and educational institutions to help them foster Italian wine culture worldwide.

Telling the world how rich Italian wine is requires deep knowledge, skills and passion. While the first two are somehow the preface to an artwork, passion is the artwork itself.

Marilisa Allegrini, President, ISWA

Teamwork is key

Since its establishment, ISWA has stood by the most renowned educational institutions offering managerial, technical and professional training. Vinitaly International Academy is only one of the partners with whom we promote specialized training for professionals on the industry’s major issues. As we first did with IULM University, today, we are part of the Master’s degrees dedicated to fostering wine communicators at Milan’s “Università Vita-Salute San Raffaele”. We also collaborate with UNISR’s Master’s degree in “Food and Wine Philosophy” in and outside the classroom, offering attendees the chance to experience first-hand wineries where some of Italy’s most famous wines are made. A school devoted to training all-around wine communicators capable of navigating the rich and articulated Italian food-and-wine world. Professionals able to stand out and embrace the mission of sharing Italian wine culture internationally.