Ambassadors of made-in-Italy wine and hospitality worldwide

A strategic alliance

Italian Signature Wines Academy (ISWA) is an alliance of nine leading Italian producers known for the high quality of their wines. They share a long family tradition and manage their estates directly. Althogether, they craft the most esteemed Italian wine appellations in regions that have made history, renowned for their winemaking vocation. These producers became icons in their homelands, and their brands are celebrated and acknowledged both in Italy and worldwide. ISWA was born as a strategic tool to support the promotion of these producers’ excellence – nationally and internationally. ISWA members, driven by a unified vision for the future, come together to share knowledge and, through cooperating, bring about cutting-edge business development projects in keeping with their outstanding profile.

A culture
with hospitality as its foundation

Advocating for a wine culture that celebrates vines, regions, wineries, individuals, and their work.

ISWA’s mission also includes enhancing territories’ production. There is an unbreakable bond between wines and their birthplace, which determines specific characteristics and quality. That’s why ISWA acts as a mouthpiece and guarantor of experiences beyond wine, accompanying those interested in discovering the environments and landscapes where iconic labels are born. An all-Italian culture of hospitality and excellence, renowned globally.