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Italian Signature Wines Academy lays out the map of Italian wine excellence: Piedmont’s FONTANAFREDDA, Lombardy’s BELLAVISTA, Veneto’s Allegrini (Valpolicella) and VILLA SANDI (Prosecco region), Tuscany’s FRESCOBALDI, Umbria’s ARNALDO CAPRAI, Abruzzo’s MASCIARELLI, Campania’s FEUDI DI SAN GREGORIO and Sicily’s PLANETA. Nine proud representatives of Italy’s most important appellations brought together by their common desire to make consumers appreciate the true meaning of authenticity and quality in Italian wine and hospitality.
The ISWA consortium was born to put these great Italian wines on the world map whilst enhancing their growth and market positioning.

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From vineyards, wineries and estates to historic residences, restaurants, and natural and cultural attractions: the outstanding quality of Italian hospitality is guaranteed by those who know how to turn a trip into an unforgettable experience.


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