Valpolicella in a glass

Since the sixteenth century, the history of the Allegrini family’s wines has been intertwined with that of the territory in which they are produced: Valpolicella.

A story of foresight and passion

Notarial documents from the sixteenth century prove the Allegrini family’s importance for the local community in enhancing agricultural work and peasant tradition, even then. It is Giovanni Allegrini’s perseverance that makes the winery thrive. With passion and cleverness, Giovanni makes choices that will be strategic for the company’s future, such as planting only Corvina Veronese grapes on the top of La Grola.
At the end of the 1980s, his children, Walter, Franco and Marilisa, took over the company, leading Allegrini to the international success we know today.

A point of reference in Valpolicella

Supported by technical and scientific studies, Franco Allegrini’s innovative intuitions introduced substantial changes in the management of the drying method behind one of the most celebrated wines in the world: Amarone. Franco was the creator and driving force behind the Terre di Fumane drying centre, a reference point for oenology in Valpolicella and the tangible result of a tenacious search for excellence.

The goal is to let the wines speak for themselves so that they can tell the story of farming traditions, care for the land and the forthright, stubborn, and brilliant character of the people who tend to it every day with love. That is why Allegrini – especially Marilisa – participates as an ambassador not only for wines but also for an incredible territory in all the most important international sector events.

The valley of many wineries

Valpolicella, from the Latin “val polis cellae”, “the valley of the many cellars”, has embedded in its name the calling as a land dedicated to viticulture. Located in Western Veneto, between Verona and Lake Garda, and bordered to the north by the Lessini Mountains, it is a land rich in history and culture. Alongside rural landscapes are ancient parish churches, Renaissance villas and rural architecture.

Allegrini’s places

Between visits to the winery, tastings, cooking shows and walks through the vineyards, the Allegrini family offers the opportunity to experience the territory to the fullest from a historic and refined setting.

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