Franciacorta Calling

The classic method par excellence, the result of meticulous research, ancient tradition and strict discipline.

Recognizability and quality consistency

Today, Francesca, Vittorio’s daughter, leads the company with a love for the land and a passion for winemaking inherited from her father. At her side and supporting the team is the French oenologist, Richard Geoffroy. At Bellavista, the oenological thinking rules viticulture and sublimates its path. Starting with 203 hectares, Bellavista creates its wines year after year according to a rigorously ‘tailored’ and sometimes daring method – works of the time, the result of patience and perseverance, which can only reveal extraordinary longevity. Giving dignity to the land is a promise that Bellavista makes to themselves and to the many young people who are rediscovering its value, finding its most authentic pleasures and virtues.

Where everything comes from the earth

The history of the Bellavista winery is rooted in Vittorio Moretti’s dream: to produce wine following tradition for himself, his family, and his closest friends. When, in 1977, Moretti chose to set up the Bellavista company, he only had a small plot of land on the hill of the same name in Franciacorta, a magical place at the foot of Monte Orfano overlooking Lake Iseo. With foresight, Moretti decided to add new hectares of vineyards located in the Franciacorta area and transformed what was a passion into one of the most representative companies in Italian oenology.

At Bellavista, every choice is made respecting the rhythms of nature and the tradition of the Franciacorta area. The grapes are selected in the vineyard and harvested only by hand. Even the entire winemaking process follows an artisanal process: every gesture and thought goes into ensuring the consistency of quality found in every bottle and vintage.

A landscape shaped by the vineyard

The authenticity of each wine is based on the thorough interpretation of the terroir, which complies with the natural expression of each clod. It is a philological approach based on sustainability and aimed at preserving the peculiarities of the hills bordering Lake Iseo, which are a reserve of light, water and energy.

Bellavista’s places

From the vineyards to the winery and the farmhouse, you can immerse yourself in the Bellavista philosophy, from the typical grape harvest experience to guided tours up to tastings. On the Bellavista hill, the tradition of Franciacorta will no longer hold any secrets.

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