Where wine is art

For the Capaldo family, producing wines is to give a sustainable vision to the centuries-old tradition of winegrowing in Irpinia

A lab for ideas and culture

At Feudi di San Gregorio, the study and research of the land and its indigenous grape varieties started at the very beginning. But it was Antonio Capaldo, president since 2009, who reinterpreted the agricultural essence and made the company a leading player in the South and the entire Italian wine scene. Today, Feudi is more than just a winery. It is a place for meeting and discussion, a lab for ideas and culture, where the wines’ quality and research into the territory are complemented by the utmost attention to design and art, which have always distinguished the winery.

Native vines of the Campania tradition

Founded in 1986, for thirty years, the Feudi di San Gregorio winery has been enhancing the native vines of the Campania tradition, such as Greco, Fiano and Aglianico, by researching and studying a territory, Irpinia, well suited to growing the highest quality vines. 
Feudi now works on 300 hectares of vineyards split into over 800 plots, which differ from each other in altitude, exposure and slope, and which the winery has studied individually to enhance the bio-diversity of the territory and give life to extraordinary crus.

Vision, courage, and determination are the keywords of the company, which in May 2021 became a Benefit Corporation, including in its articles of association its commitment to protect and enhance the beauty of the environmental, social and cultural heritage of the Irpinia region and community. In June 2022, it obtained the B Corp certification, the most important certification in the world on sustainability.

A rugged and sweet land

Irpinia, the green heart of the region in the Campania hinterland, is mainly mountainous with highly volcanic and sandy soils. The uniqueness of these territories has allowed Irpinia to literally become the cradle of the new European viticulture. Since then, the wisdom of gestures, the way of cultivating the land and the very relationship with it have remained practically crystallised, preserving the knowledge of precious and elsewhere forgotten practices.
For over fifteen years, Feudi di San Gregorio has collaborated with various Italian and international universities for research, genetic study, and reproduction of vineyards. Out of this continuous research, extraordinary projects have taken shape, resulting in labels capable of telling the story of the territory in a surprising and unique way.
Today, the older vineyards flank the new plantings in a virtuous interlocking where the personality of the territory is the winner.

Feudi di San Gregorio’s places

Here, guided tours and tastings tell of a deep food and wine culture and a love for art and design. Centuries-old vineyards and personalised experiences based on your needs await you at the Feudi San Gregorio winery.


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