Barolo and the great wines of the Langhe in Serralunga d’Alba

A community drawn together around respect for the land, with 120 hectares of certified organic vineyards that frame the first Storytelling Village in Italy.

Artisans with the numbers of a large company

To date, the winery has racked up international recognition, placing its bottles among the 100 best wines in the world and ranking as “European Winery of the Year” according to Wine Enthusiast in 2017. Love has always accompanied the history of Fontanafredda up to the present day. Today, the vineyards and the entire winemaking process are cared for with artisanal methods while producing as much as 6% of the whole appellation. Barolo, Barbaresco, Nebbiolo, Barbera and Dolcetto: Fontanafredda produces the most important DOC and DOCG wines of southern Piedmont.

A love story

The history of Fontanafredda stems from the love of the then King Vittorio Emanuele II for Rosa Vercellana, to whom he offered the Fontanafredda estate as a gift in 1858. A few years later, the king bought the first vineyard in Barolo. The winery arrived in 1878 thanks to the intuition of Count Emanuele Alberto, with over 300 hectares already cultivated by wage workers, an absolute novelty at the time. It was under his leadership that Barolo became a myth overseas. Fontanafredda has always been a pioneer of great innovations: the first concrete tanks in Europe, the first Barolo with an indication of the vineyard on the label, the first Barolo with a mention of the municipality, etc. However, the most significant change came in 2008, when Oscar Farinetti and Luca Baffigo bought the estate from Monte dei Paschi di Siena, so after 77 years, it returned to Piedmontese’s hands. From now on, the new objectives are quality, sustainability, and hospitality.

The Langhe and their human heritage

The Fontanafredda properties are in the municipalities of Serralunga d’Alba, Barolo, Diano d’Alba, Dogliani, Farigliano, Alba and Rodello. The altitude (from 250 to 420 meters above sea level) favours the climate variability needed to make each vintage unique.
The soil is rich, and the vines mature to the point of making Fontanafredda wines recognisable over time. The relationship with the Langhe region is essential. Here, Fontanafredda has an important social role, which is why it is committed daily to raising awareness among the locals to respect the land for those who will come after us.

Fontanafredda’s places

Today, Fontanafredda, with its land in the heart of Italy’s 50th UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the setting for Italy’s first Storytelling Village. Here 30 small stories scattered throughout the estate, give new life to the historic village, where every glimpse, every plant and every building is told for all patrons. The Village offers an experience to discover the great wines of the Langhe, from 4-star hospitality to the encounter with traditional haute cuisine.

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